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What I Like to talk About

Passion, Ownership, Strategic Decision Making, Emotional Control, Resilience, & Mental Strength

My Background

A compelling speaker and storyteller, Robert delivers a high-energy and engaging presentation on overcoming adversity, inspiration, and helping people identify the elusive blind spots that are preventing them from taking their personal and professional lives to the next level. All of his lessons come from personal experiences earned as a World Record Holder, an Air Force Veteran, his time at Ground Zero in NY (09-01-01), being an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, and a veteran firefighter. His clients include 3M, US Bank, United State ATF, Timex, Kraft and Ironman. • 2012 Ironman Performance of the Year • 2012 HITS Triathlon Athlete of the Year • 2014 In Business Magazine “25 Most Influential People in Greater Madison” • 2015 Jefferson Award • 2015 Triathlon Magazine “Best Record Breaking Performance of the Year” • Guinness World Record for Most Ironman 70.3 Triathlons in One Year • 2015 Globe Turnout Feets of Strength (Athleticism category) • World Record for Most Ironman triathlons in Full Firefighter Gear (18) • World Record for Most Half Ironman Triathlons in Full Firefighter Gear (28)

My Clients


Madison, Wisconsin

Mental Strength


Available Upon Request


My speaking presentation develops individuals and leadership teams to reach higher levels of performance through delivering dynamic storytelling while educating them in the catalysts needed to perform Mind Strong. Speaking throughout the globe, with my passion and drive, motivating people to not just survive, but Run into the Fire and thrive. I’ve spent most of my life running into burning buildings in addition to having to make split second life or death decisions. I bring my stories, from real-life experiences, and passion, to change lives in every speech I deliver. I motivate and challenge people to move forward, personally and in business, to a mentally strong mindset driven by their passion.