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What I Like to talk About

Leadership, Teamwork, Innovation mixed with Treasure Hunting and Outdoor Adventure.

My Background

Discovery Channel TV Personality, Explosives Specialist, Published Author, Bachelor's Degree in Management from NW Christian University, Eugene, Oregon.


"Jack provided a fun, informative and interactive session that engaged people personally and professionally. Great addition to our session with both classroom and 'hands on' opportunities!" Deb Comfort, Alberta Parks & Recreation Conference, Chateau Lake Louise "I would definitely recommend Jack Peters, his presentation to our group was highly informative. Our business group appreciated the content of Jack's talk and we would love to have him back. In addition, his knowledge of wreck (scuba) dives got my adventurous blood pumping, just great!" Patrick Crawley, Infinity Lending Solutions "Jack is an enthusiastic, entertaining and poignant speaker. In a brief period of time he provided so many avenues of exploration that our group will have to invite him back again just to get a more in depth look at each topic he touched on." Charlie Vermilyea, Northwest Insurance Specialists "Jack does what James Bond would not do." Stephen Cockrail, gold mining industry consultant "We appreciated the complete and comprehensive training Jack provided to our school." Major Hooda, Special Forces Training School, Hanan, India "I recently attended one of the two-day course from Jack and found it to be well worth the time and effort it took me to drive to western Oregon from Austin, Texas. I heartily recommend working with Jack.” Franklin Roberts, Austin, Texas


Portland, Oregon





Discovery Channel TV series Personality, Explosives Specialist, Leadership and Teambuilding Specialist. www.jackwpeters.com