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Phoenix, Arizona
Defy Your Diagnosis Work/Life Balance Transform Your Leadership



My Expertise

I am the founder of the FIT Leader Formula: A foundation in human behavior with insights into leadership develop and training on professionalism without sacrificing one's health. I believe to truly be successful, we must be FIT!

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What I like to talk about

I am the author of eight published books that address leadership, communication, stress management, life management, health and fitness. My passion is improving the quality of people's lives by helping them to be FIT to lead and succeed professionally and personally.

My Background

I have defeated two incurable diseases! My principles are not pie in the sky ideas...they are real and helped me Defy My Diagnosis! I am a Professional Speaker with the National Speakers Association, certified human behavior consultant, certified motivators analyst, certified personal training, fitness professional, executive coach, author, and have a BS and AS degree in business, marketing, communications, and OIT.


My clients consist of national conference, regional conventions, corporations, executive retreats, and women retreats.

Previous Speech Topics

Jr. League of Phoenix Board Retreat

PING Wellness Workshop

AzASAE Executive Retreat

Books I Recommend