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    Differentiation / Value Proposition
    Creativity and Marketing

    Las Vegas, Nevada
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What I Like to talk About

#AlwaysInspiring - Personal creativity and differentiation techniques to transform your sales, management and leadership career into an AlwaysInspiring experience for clients, employees and peers

Renaissance Leadership - A rebirth of vital leadership skills from the masters of the Renaissance that can help any organization create a new golden age

Vital, Not Viral - a fresh take on digital marketing in a noisey e-commerce space. 

Epic Experiences - Go beyond good and great customer service to create anticipatory, delightful experiences that generate sales, loyalty and testimonials

Word! A creative writing program for all audiences that helps them play with words to strengthen their vision, value proposition, marketing and operating language.

My Background

I originally wanted to be a chemist.

But like all good stories, life has twists. Mine landed me with a degree in philosophy, where I was lucky enough to sit next to a real estate broker in class. Seeing an opportunity, I started speaking and training salespeople right out of college which has taken me to 49 U.S. States and 18 countries since 1991. Then, halfway through my career, I threw out the script and rewrote the story - this time with a camera, as well as a microphone.  

A teacher’s career is about words: Speaking, writing, showing, sharing. I use photographs to tell stories that spread ideas that help entrepreneurs, leaders, salespeople, writers and managers build themselves and others. My props are the people and places I’ve visited and the moral of the story always includes ways to use innovation and creativity to delight our clients and improve our lives.

My knack is connecting the dots between different perspectives: When we bring literature, art, photography, business, marketing and history together, we develop entirely new strategies for success. My work an endless conversation with clients, designing ways to turn dreams into achievements. I grew up in Boston, went to school in Italy and now live in Las Vegas. I have been a salesperson, a CEO, trainer, keynote speaker, street photographer and mentor. Today I write, host retreats, anchor conferences and organize masterminds that make a few small differences in the lives of friends who are gracious enough to also be clients.


Realogy Corporation

Leading Real Estate Companies of the World

Berhshire Hathaway Home Services

Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corporation

Sotheby's International Realty





Las Vegas, Nevada

Differentiation / Value Proposition
Creativity and Marketing


Available Upon Request


Sales, marketing, leadership, management, creativity, photography, customer experience, growth, mindset, personal development