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Motivational Hypnotist Boris Cherniak


    Mind Blowing Hypnosis presentation
    Program Your Mind for Success
    You Can do Anything

    Los Angeles, California
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What I Like to talk About

Informative motivational programs to transform thinking. Boris helps understand and overcome mental blocks with humorous hands-on examples. Deal with difficult situations effectively and decisively in a business environment with the tools and the how-to succeed formula.

My Background

2x TEDx speaker

3x Entertainer of the Year

2x Global Leader

Appearing internationally live and on TV


Clients: Google, Telus, Microsoft, Dell, Marriott, Four Seasons Hotels, Pfizer, 3M, Sysco, McDonald's, Sony, DQ, New York Life

“The most amazing man on the planet!”
Robert Irvine, Celebrity Chef, Talk Show Host

“Boris never ceases to amaze!” 
Howie Mandel, Talk Show Host / Comedian

“Elevating hypnotism from parlor shtick to a comedic state of mind!”
Entertainment Weekly

“This is your new best friend!”
Maury Povich, Talk Show Host

“Unsurpassable, not a dull moment!”
KGON/KFXX Radio, Portland, OR

“Prepare to gasp in wonder.”
Toronto Sun

“Quite simply the most amazing show ever!”
KLIF Radio, Dallas, TX

“A truly incredible show!”
Shirley Show, ABC, CTV

“He can do it all with the sound of his velvety voice and a little something called the power of suggestion!”
Thornhill Post

“The Incredible Boris lived up to both his name and reputation!”
Open Mike with Mike Bullard, CTV, Comedy Channel

“World-renowned, the most incredible person in this genre!” 
Montel Williams, Talk Show Host

“Boris, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your assistance with the events that we worked on together over the past years. Entering our 25th year of corporate event entertainment, I have worked with many entertainers; I have to say that working with you made my job easier and somewhat more relaxed. Knowing that you were on-site made the events run smoother, allowing me to focus my attention on other areas. In hiring your services, I know that the shows for my clients will run the way that I expect and the end results are no less than what I promise. I look forward to many more functions where we can work together.” 

Ian Carter, Entertainment Ontario


“Boris is exactly what you look for in an entertainer and a professional. Hire him ... then don't worry!!!” 
Joel Pace, Heffron Talent

“I have been in Show Business nearly 30 years. There is nobody...nobody that successfully combines being a hypnotist and a comedian. The show is a laugh riot. This guy wow's the crowd. You won't be disappointed.”
Howard Lapides, CEO, THE CORE

“Boris makes any event, a trully memorable occasion... he is an absolute pro, and will keep your guests laughing for a long time!”
Jesse DeCosta, DeCosta Inc

“Boris is a first class hypnotist who puts on great, clean shows that all can enjoy. I highly recommend him”
Roger Paul, Headline Talent

“As a network television producer, I have used Boris in productions and watched him onstage as well as on national television. He is a skilled and humorous entertainer who excites his audience and subjects alike with his hypnotic skills. Don't believe in the power or veracity of hypnotism? Meet Boris and then decide. There's a reason he keeps getting called back year after year with the same clients.” 
JF, Mark Burnett Productions


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Los Angeles, California

Mind Blowing Hypnosis presentation
Program Your Mind for Success
You Can do Anything


Available Upon Request


interactive entertainment, motivation, inspiration, comedy