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What I Like to talk About

Nick Night has been connecting with audiences of every type for over 30 years. From 1986-2006, as a world-class illusionist, Nick presented his show on stage and television in over 30 countries. Following his career on the stage, he pitched original gaming, film and television concepts to top studios and networks such as Disney, MGM, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and more as an executive in animation. As CEO and founder of a revolutionary content platform, he continues to maintain and develop new relationships with customers and clients around the world.

Nick Night has returned to the stage once again, this time bringing his knowledge of powerful personal and customer connections. His keynote speech, Connecting in a Digital World: The Paradox of Being Social, is an engaging blend of evolutionary biology, communication skills, neuroscience and some actual magic to help companies create stronger bonds with their customers, clients and teams.

Attendees learn:

  • How to create instant rapport with someone you just met
  • Why a giraffe can teach us everything we need to know about social media
  • How to use technology as a connecting tool, and when to avoid it
  • Why “selfie mode” isn’t just a camera setting, but rather a universal truth
  • How maintaining connections is not only good for business, it’s imperative for your health

My Background

My overwhelming passion is helping entrepreneurs create automated, viable and highly desirable digital products. In 2010 I founded a publishing platform, Revizzit, based on a new idea – digital goods that are live-connected directly to the customer! Add some content, insert an announcement, delete outdated info – and instantly change every copy in existence!

The work with Revizzit also started my path as a Digital Product Strategist. The new technology of the Revizzit platform meant that products didn’t have to behave the way they used to. Books could have private book clubs built right in. Videos could have supplemental content and downloadable exclusives. Educational products and video courses could be dripped out pages at a time, on an automated schedule – or even by a quiz that unlocks the next chapter. It’s an exciting time to re-think what’s possible with selling information.

As a keynote speaker, I inspire businesses to embrace a new approach to making a connection with customers in the digital world. Using humor and a bit of magic, I illustrate the three keys to customer success, and how we can avoid the perils and pitfalls of our impersonal, yet highly powerful social networks.

My digital businesses range from software tools, to expert advice, to the one that started it all, ukulele. I’ve created several highly successful products for the ukulele enthusiasts of the world, and those businesses are still solvent, still secure, and most importantly still making money 24/7 on 90% automation!

I’ve consulted digital product strategy and design for some of the biggest names in the business – from bestselling authors to Hall of Fame speakers to world-renown magicians.

About a hundred million years ago (circa 1983-2006) I was one of those world famous magicians, and had performed my illusion show, The Art & Illusion of Nicholas Night & Kinga, on stage and television in over 30 countries. Now exclusively available on Youtube.

I live in Southern California with my beautiful Hungarian wife, Kinga, and my incredible son, Jackson.


Inspirational and Transformative

Nicholas Night's presentation 'Connecting with Customers in a Digital World' was outstanding. It was not only informative, but also inspirational and transformative. It made us all think differently and see new possibilities for interacting with our clients in a way which will allow all of us to increase customer satisfaction and keep them coming back for more.

Jean-Pierre Mainguy, Ph.D.University of Redlands School of Business


I have heard Nick speak on two separate occasions and he was spot-on both times. He brings practical information to the platform in way that is very engaging and fun.

Laurie Guest, CSP Certified Speaking Professional

Customer Focused

He IS a great entrepreneur with his Revizzit company. He is always looking for ways to match his company features to customer needs. He's very customer focused!

Dr. Tony Alessandra, Professional Keynote Speaker at Alessandra & Associates, Inc.

A Visionary

Nick has demonstrated his ability by creating his online company Revizzit. A true visionary, who knows what it takes to follow through!

Max Howard, Partner at International Animation Consulting Group

Sees Potential

He sees the potential that others don't and he has the talent to realize it.

John McKenna, Head of Production at Prana Studios

Honest and Fair

Nick is full of good ideas that he doesn't just talk about but actually makes happen. He has a great start-up business that's really going to take off. He is honest, fair and can really see business from all sides. I've known Nick for 20 plus years and am always amazed at his creativity and ability to solve problems.

Bill Herz, President - Magicorp @Concept Artists, Concept Artist & Speakers and President, Magicorp Productions, Inc., Cornell grad.

Creative Thinker

Nick is smart, creative, out of the box thinker, with a wide range of skills, from marketing, copy, design, running production and technical teams, pitch/financing, product development, sales. He really listens, and understand what sort of issues you're having and suggest potential cool ways to work around it you probably haven't considered before. He's fluent at communicating at all levels, from exec level and production, technical, marketing and creative.

Troy Gardener, Principal Wizard, at TroyWorks.com

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