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Summary of the 2023 China(Guangzhou) Int’l Metal and Metallurgy Exhibition, and the new round of work for the 2024 exhibition has officially started!

  • 2023-09-06

2023 China(Guangzhou) Intl Metal and Metallurgy Exhibition hosted by Guangzhou Julang Exhibition Design Co., Ltd. was successfully held from May 18 to 20, 2023 at Pazhou Exhibition Hall of Canton Fair, the largest in Asia.


After the end of the pandemic and the reopening of international travel, buyers from around the world flocked to the exhibition, creating a bustling atmosphere on-site. In accordance with the epidemic prevention requirements, strict real-name registration was implemented for all visitors entering the exhibition hall, which greatly improved the quality of the audience for this edition of the exhibition. Almost all visitors who came to the exhibition were professional buyers with clear goals and tasks, meticulously planning their visits to conduct equipment and product procurement, as well as explore networking opportunities. Consequently, many exhibitors were able to secure business deals and directly sell their equipment. Both buyers and exhibitors left the event with fruitful outcomes.

This exhibition brought together the latest technologies and set new trends in the metal and metallurgy industry. With over 40,000 professional visitors and the collaborative efforts of more than 300 media outlets worldwide, a total of 460 companies from 28 countries and regions, including China, the United States, Japan, Russia, Turkey, India, South Korea,Singapore and so on participated in the exhibition, showcasing the latest international technologies and products in an exhibition hall covering nearly 30,000 square meters.


The China(Guangzhou)Intl Metal and Metallurgy Exhibition consists of raw materials, processing equipment, and products. It is divided into 6 themes: 1. Plate metal Exhibition; 2. Tube and Pipe Processing Equipment Exhibition; 3. Spring Industry Exhibition; 4. Stainless Steel Industry Exhibition; 5. Casting, Foundry, Die Casting, Heat Treatment and Industrial Furnace Exhibition; 6. Laser Equipment, Sheet Metal, Forging, Non-ferrous Metal Industry (Copper Industry) and Fasteners. Due to the extension of products and processing equipment from participating companies, from metals to downstream processed products, there is mutual dependence and a significant industrial chain effect, thus achieving a complete industrial chain in the metal industry.

Spring Industry Exhibition:

The content of the spring industry exhibition area is very comprehensive, including various types of spring products, spring materials, wire forming machines, spring equipment and accessories, spring testing instruments, attracting well-known companies from the entire industry to participate in the exhibition.

Major global mainstream spring equipment companies such as Yonglian CNC, Kaichuang, VINSTON, MIGHT PRECISION,ODMAY, ZHEJIANG OMNIPOTENTl, Hubei Zhijiang, Yinfeng, Hechuang, Xinfu, Jingye, AOGONG, BELAN, LIKEXING, Huayida, Xianheng, Puguang, GOLD FRIEND, Qiangao, Guangjin, Qiaoding, LINK, Degang, Shizai, Zhongde... and many others are participating in this exhibition! And Jiangsu MANRUI, BEKAERT, JIANGYIN SENMAX, Ningbo Mingpin, Suzhou Qihang, SHINWA, Korea Wire Co., Ltd., Tianjin Huayuan Times, Guangzhou Sanyue (Sanyou), TAI YUAN RDTX, Xinglian, JIANGYIN FAERSHENG HONGSHENG, Guangdong Xinfan, KAIMEISI, Shanghai Pinggu, JINAN QUALITY, HANGZHOU SANLI FURNACE, DONGGUAN WEI JETTA, DONGGUAN SHIXIE, Jiateng... and many wire and instrument manufacturers have also unveiled their latest products.

Tube and Pipe Materials and Processing Equipment Exhibition. the exhibits involve steel pipe products (galvanized pipe, high-frequency welded pipe, spiral pipe, ductile iron pipe, steel-plastic composite pipe, anti-corrosion pipe, insulation pipe, stainless steel pipe, heat exchanger pipe, seamless pipe, precision pipe, etc.), pipe fittings, elbows, tees, valves, saw blades, cold cutting flying saws, high-speed steel saw blades, pipe cutting machines, pipe bending machines, pipe shrinking machines, etc. It has attracted many related enterprises to participate in the exhibition. Such as ANJIJINKE MACHINERY, FOSHAN QIANGANG, Zhejiang Jiahe, Huizhou Yateen, Guangdong Paibo, Tianjin Taifu, Wenzhou Wengang, ZhangJiagang Saint Machinery, Liaocheng Pengyu Steel Pipe, Dongguan Chenxin, DALIAN FIELD, Jiangmen JIANGMEN JINGCHANGSHENG, ZHEJIANG NBONE, Shandong Huashun, Tianjin Huilitong, Jiangmen Zhide, Foshan Tiefeng, ZHEJIANG LOFFERY, SHENYANG NEW FAR SEIKO SPECIAL PIPE FACTORY, Turkey PDS, and so on. The arrival of these enterprises has led the forefront of the national cutting-edge equipment products and technologies, representing the development trend of the domestic pipe industry and has been highly regarded as a technological feast in the pipe industry.

Metal Sheet Exhibition, the exhibits involve colored coated sheet, galvanized sheet, aluminized zinc-coated sheet, galvanized aluminum-magnesium sheet, pickled sheet, cold-rolled sheet, thin cold-rolled sheet, etc., applied in industries such as automotive, household appliances, construction, decorative engineering, steel structures, guardrails, ceilings, windows and doors, curtain walls, ventilation ducts, fans, cooling towers, electrical control cabinets, kitchen equipment, purification equipment, sign factories, compressor enclosures, hardware products, metal mesh, office furniture, oil barrels, storage equipment, etc. Some of the participating companies include Tianjin Xinyu, Tianjin Xintian Steel, Shandong Jiangxin, Shandong Yuntong, Shandong Jujinyuan, Shandong Xin Shuanghui, Shandong Jialong, Shandong Ruishi, Russia MMK, Henan Xinhua Rong, Zhejiang Zhongjin, Shandong Luliang, Zhejiang Yongxin, Shandong Xinzerui, Guangdong Lingguan, Shandong Yueyang, Shanghai Liyan, Shandong Hanyang, Shandong Guanyuan, Shanghai Lingshan, Guangzhou Blue sky, Huangshan Weisijia etc.

Casting, die casting, foundry, heat treatment, industrial furnace exhibition. The exhibition area includes various types of castings, die castings, foundry equipment, foundry materials, forging, industrial furnaces, heat treatments, and other related products. Exhibitors such as Guangdong Huazhu, Shenzhen HuaXinda, Anhui GOLDEN ROCK KAOLIN, Hangzhou Longli, Qixian Hongda, Jiangsu Rui Sihui, Dongguan Chengmao, Xinxing Hunter Valley, Baidida, Foshan Zhuke, Foshan Jingran, HUBEI YULI ABRASIVE BELTS Group, Lanzhou Landstone Group, Foshan SINFOR, GUANGZHOU WEILIANG INDUSTRIAL, Baoding Ningxin Group, Shanghai Ciying, Dongguan Jiaming, YUHUAN PACIFIC, SHANDONG BOLAST, Guangdong Fushengda, Dongguan Gaorui, Jiangmen Hanzhi, Jiangsu Tongzhou, GNR China, Taizhou Juxin, Shanxi Xinyan, Guangzhou Youyun, SHENZHEN VOLCKER, CRAFTMAN(SUZHOU), Dalian Dafa, Dongguan Kelide, SHENZHEN AIRMA, Dongguan Changteng, Luoyang Haotian, Guangdong MAGWISE, BEIJING AERKEN, Dongguan Zhujian, WH THERMAL TECHNOLOGY (SHANGHAI), GUANGDONG LIHUA,Jiangmen Zhitong... and other companies bring their latest products and technologies to the exhibition to exchange with peers and negotiate with buyers to achieve their goals.

Stainless Steel Industrial Exhibition, exhibiting various products including stainless steel products, stainless steel materials, and related equipment. Manufacturers such as QINGDAO XINYATAI, TAIZHOU YUANBIN, TAIZHOU EMKO, HUIZHOU HAOTE, Wuxi Liangxin, Jiangsu Liankun, Jiangsu Tianli, Shenyang Baishi, NINGBO AOSVO, QING YUN STAR, WINZONER TECHNOLOGY (SHANGHAI), Foshan Shengdian, Dongguan Canyu, Foshan Chanshi, BEALL INDUSTRY GROUP, Taizhou Renming, etc. are showcasing their latest products.

Laser equipment, sheet metal industry, fasteners, non-ferrous metals (copper industry) exhibition, presented by manufacturers such as Yixing Shenxing, Dongguan Weigu De, Suzhou Yuefei, GUANGDONG GOLDENWORK ROBOT, Shaanxi Sui Rui Fufeng, Suzhou Shenlong, BAOJI ENDATI, SCENSOR INSTRUMENTS, DONGGUAN LUOSI VISION, XI'AN FILTER, Fu'an Aozhan, Shenzhen Huanri Laser, Jiangxi Jinda etc., showcasing their latest products.


During the exhibition, through communication with multiple exhibitors, they unanimously believe that The China(Guangzhou)Intl Metal and Metallurgy  Exhibition is an ideal platform for gathering industry-related manufacturers for communication, learning, and reference. Topics such as the future development direction of the industry between upstream and downstream industries can be fully discussed at the exhibition. This provides inspiration for industry development trends, business research and development, and future product directions.

(1) Satisfaction of exhibitors

The media support and publicity efforts of this exhibition have been highly praised by exhibitors. According to a survey conducted among exhibitors, the majority of them believe that their participation in the exhibition has met their expectations. 88% of the exhibitors rated the quality of the audience as "good" or "very good," while 12% rated it as "average." Regarding business negotiations during the exhibition, 58% of the exhibitors reported successful transactions, and 75% expressed their intention to further follow-up with potential clients after the exhibition. Overall, exhibitors are generally satisfied with the effectiveness of this exhibition.

?2? Visitor

Domestic visitors mainly come from Guangdong, Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Fujian, Hunan, Guangxi, Shandong, Anhui, Jiangxi, Chongqing,hongkong,Taiwan and so on. Overseas visitors mainly come from Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, India, Thailand, Russia, the United States, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Germany, Vietnam, Australia, Singapore, Egypt, Bangladesh, the United Kingdom, Italy, Turkey, Brazil, Israel, Canada, New Zealand, France, Mexico, Morocco, Mongolia

(3) Visiting traders' satisfaction

95% of the visiting traders are full of praise for the scale of this exhibition, the decoration of the booths, the facilities of the exhibition hall, the image of the exhibitors, and the novelty, excellent quality, and variety of the exhibited products. Many visiting traders believe that this exhibition is an indispensable platform for them to learn technology and purchase high-quality products, achieving the desired effect of "must-buy" and "buy what I need".

The year of hard work has yielded fruitful results, and every exhibitor is beaming with joy, validating the purpose of our exhibition as stated in the advertisements: "Your smile, my wish." This reflects the high quality of attendees at this exhibition, the excellent display effects, and the high praise from various sectors of society. We will continue to strive and build a world-class brand, making The China(Guangzhou) International Metal and Metallurgy Exhibition a professional event of significant influence, integrating scientific and trade cooperation within the industry.


Date:May 11-13,2024
Venue: Ground Floor, C Area, China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex (No.980,Xingang Dong Road, Guangzhou, China) 

Exhibiting Scope
1.Plate metal, Bar, Wire, Steel Rope , Metal Processing and Setting Equipment
2.Tube &Pipe Industry
3.Stainless Steel Industry
4.Die casting, Casting Products?Foundry, Heat Treatment and Industrial Furnace
5.Springs, Fasteners & Equipment
6.sheet metal Industry and Laser Equipment
7.Forging Industry
8.Non-Ferrous Metals ,Copper


The 24th exhibition will be held from May 11th to 13th, 2024. Let's gather again!

Welcome to inquire:

Contact:Meiwen 18002266711



Guangzhou Julang Exhibition Design Co.,Ltd was established in 1996 located in Guangzhou which is the trade center city of China . Julang was approved to hold professional exhibition by the people's government of China .It is also one of the reputable specialized exhibition companies with rich experience in China . The aim of the company is to promote the commercial cooperation between domestic and foreign enterprises and as a bridge of enterprises between product and sales up to the present .Julang successfully held tens of international exhibitions and achieved fruitful accomplishments.

“Your smile is my wish is our motto we warmly invite you to participate in the exhibition .we shall do the best for exhibitors and visitors. Your participation will bring you infinite opportunities. Let's join hands to create a bright future together!