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Bartizan Connects is the trusted industry provider for lead retrieval and session tracking mobile apps. Our apps can be used for any event. There is no show too big or too small.

Lead Retrieval: iLeads

Our award-winning iLeads is the first and most widely used exhibitor lead retrieval app. Exhibitors scan a barcode badge or enter an ID number to quickly capture, store and manage their leads. iLeads can identify quality leads in seconds for immediate follow-up. Event organizers can use the data collected by exhibitors to sell more space to prospective exhibitors, evaluate ROI, and generate traffic flow reports.

Our app offers a superior user experience that includes:

  1. Customizable action items, survey quesitons, easy lead qualifications and voice or text notes
  2. Real-time lead analysis and reporting on booth activity
  3. Compatibility with all registration systems and common barcode types
  4. Free tech support before, during and after your event

All lead data is backed up and synched to LeadsLightning, Bartizan’s secure web destination for simple, fast data download, tracking, management and reporting.

Our lead retrieval system integrates with Aventri and Eventbrite registration modules to receive relevant attendee information automatically and in real time. All registrant lists are continuously updated, eliminating the time required for manual upload of registration files. Exhibitors are more assured when they see on-site registration data appear on the screen when a badge is scanned.

Get a code to demo iLeads and see for yourself how easy it is to use.

Lead Retrieval: iLeads Anywhere

iLeads Anywheree allows exhibitors to collect leads anyhwere, anytime without a barcode. It has all the great features of our iLeads lead retrieval app including custom quailifiers, survey questions, and the ability to sort, filter and uploade your leads to your web account on

Get a free demo code to explore iLeads Anywhere at your own pace.

Session Tracking: iSessions

iSessions is the most readily available, consumer-friendly session tracking app on the market. It is ideal for organizing and coordinating multi-session events.

  1. Instantly scan popularly used barcodes and monitor attendee activity in real time
  2. Receive 100% accurate, verified attendance data
  3. Automate CEU/CME calculation for certificate awards and distribution
  4. Make changes on the fly
  5. Generate informative, useful reports
  6. Add more devices as needed
  7. Verify access eligibility to conference sessions or event functions based on individually purchased sessions or functions, an entire track of sessions or any session or function held on specific days.

Using the LeadsLightning web portal dashboard users can monitor attendee activity, like session check-ins and check-outs to see which sessions are performing best, which rooms are filling up, which speakers or tracks are the most popular, and number and names of session attendees.

Get a free code to demo iSessions today!

Badge Printing Services

If you handle your own event registration, Bartizan Connects has an easy and affordable solution to help you create barcoded badges that can be printed pre-event or onsite. We can provide you with the equipment and software that prints badges on demand. We can also preprint badges for you. Our apps perfectly synchronize with our badge printing software to create easily scannable barcodes that capture important attendee data. We got your exhibitors covered!

Data Compliance Legal Consultation

Between the GDPR, the California Consumer Privacy act (CCPA) and other state laws designed to protect the personal information of attendees, it’s become more important than ever to have a robust data privacy and protection policy for your organization. Bartizan Connects can help you review your data protection and privacy laws and design a privacy policy that will be compliant with these new laws.





“With iSessions, getting class scan counts was super-fast and it kept track of number of people vs. number of scans so I had a more accurate headcount. I can’t wait to use it again at our next show.” – Kimberly Zonca, Education Coordinator, The NBM Show

“With iLeads, we instantly receive our data right after our conferences. We no longer worry about incorrect, delayed or lost data. We love using iLeads because of the service and support.” – Tina Nguyen, Nicoya Lifesciences “




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