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Bear Analytics is a data analytics firm dedicated to translating data into actionable intelligence for event producers, trade associations, and professional societies.

Located in the prestigious 1776 startup incubator, we provide show organizers the opportunity to increase audience engagement, grow event revenue, and enhance their teams’ business intelligence and reporting. We understand associations and large events and tailor our solutions to meet their specific universe of needs.

We take the transactional data that event technologies are generating via registration, sessions, beacons, apps, etc. and unlock the power of your event data to improve attendee growth, education consumption, and overall market potential.

Our work is focused on telling the story of your data, from data capture and hygienics, to analysis, to visualizations, and then allowing you to easily transform our findings into tangible results. We do all of this with your specific goals in mind – here’s a few of our most common requests:

  • "I want to grow my audience"
  • "I want to better understand new verticals contributing to my event's growth"
  • "I want to identify exhibitors at risk of abandoning our show"

Bear’s progressive, data-first approach embraces innovation to deliver insights that inform strategy and incite action.

At Bear Analytics we take a phased approach to client engagement. Here’s a list of the typical phases of an event analytics project:




Using our proprietary cleaning and data fidelity protocol we cleanse the data and get it ready for analysis while highlighting areas in which data fidelity or capture can be improved. This means identifying duplicate registrations, assigning unique IDs to individual registrants and organizations.

Some of the data sources we work with:

  • Registeration
  • Marketing prospect lists
  • Education or session purchase records
  • On-site tracking and scanning (Lead Scan, Session Scan, Beacon and RFID)
  • Exhibition Sales
  • Event Apps

Event Heartbeat:

We assess your event across more than 100 performance metrics designed to deliver insights on your event’s health and audience behaviors.

A few of our event performance analysis areas:

  • Retention
  • Loyalty
  • Converstion
  • Geography
  • Timing

Growth Accelerator:

Now it’s time to accelerate your event. Our behavioral analysis identifies the key areas of growth that your event has experience in the past, including those individuals an organization who have contributed to that growth. That intelligence is used to help event organizers better target and message to their ever-evolving marketplace.

Growth acceleration areas of focus:

  • Loyalty Profiles and Personas
  • Fatest/Slowest Growth Segments
  • Demographic Analysis of Attendees

Bear Smart Lists:

Knowing your audience is key, but cleaning, tagging and structuring your data for digital marketing and automation make it actionable today.

Bear Smarts Lists turn this from an analysis project to action immediately when we deliver customized behavior-based lists to your team for easy uploading into your marketing and email tools.





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