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World's Best Audience Response System: We build intuitive response products that empower audiences and give presenters actionable, real-time insight. Conferences i/o technology is used around the world at conferences, events, presentations, meetings, trainings, and professional education.

Services: Audience Response Software

Clients Served: Associations, Corporations

Market Area: International

What Can Our Interactive Audience Response System Do?

No More Wasted Q&A Time: Attendees are able to submit questions in real time through their mobile device.

If an attendee sees a question that they'd like to have addressed they vote for it, and the list of questions is automatically sorted by popularity.

So when it's time for audience Q&A, the moderator knows what questions the audience has, and which are most important to address.

Real-Time Results and Presentation Integration

Attendees are able to respond to Poll questions from their mobile device, and view the results of the poll in real time.
No more dealing with setting up clicker equipment, or distributing hardware devices.

Hassle-Free Audience Feedback

No more dealing with paper feedback forms or low SurveyMonkey response rates.
With Conferences.IO, you can capture attendee evaluations in a digital format and export the data later.




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