NextME Inc.

Chicago, Illinois


NextME is the premier waitlist software solution that helps event exhibitors and organizers to effectively manage their appointments and walk-ins during their events.


Key Features

Martech: Create some pre-show buzz and position your exhibit as a must-visit destination on the floor

Digital Waitlist: Replace expensive pagers with SMS texts to notify attendees when their service is ready

Attendee Engagement: While waiting, attendees can check out your custom mobile landing page via a simple SMS web link

Insightful Analytics: Easily track attendee visits and leverage wait time data to improve your booth design


Key Benefits

No more crowded exhibit wait times and reduce attendee walk-outs

Book more 1:1 meetings with existing key clients and new buyers by 35% 

Toss the outdated pagers to notify attendees when their service is ready and save upwards of $5,000  

Better return on mobile advertising - wow them while they wait via a simple SMS text and weblink and boost your brands mobile marketing presence by 44%



“NextME was the only appointment waitlist solution we found in the market to deliver what our corporate client needed at their brand activation.” Laura D., Event Production Assistant

“Incredibly intuitive and easy to use - and enabled us to effectively manage attendee flow during the event” Holly C., Senior Associate

“Loved how user friendly NextME’s interface is - we had temp staff that quickly caught on to how to use the app.” Marti L., Marketing Events Manager

“Our client needed very little training to get started with the app at their exhibit and attendees were ecstatic that they were able to wait freely” Anthony V. - Account Executive, BMW

“NextME not only ensures that our customers have a spot in line, but it also encourages them to shop around our expo booth” Kaitlin M., Project Manager




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John Yi

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