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Lancaster Event Center


At Lancaster Event Center, we live for creating wonderful memories. When you walk through our doors you're entering a space built for you. A place where you're bound to find good times around every corner.

Beyond being the home of the annual Lancaster County Super Fair, we also host many other events during the year. Receptions, trade shows, concerts, equine shows—you name it and we've likely provided the space, catering and more for it.

The center offers the following event spaces:

  • Pavilion 1; Square Feet: 80,850
  • Pavilion 2; Square Feet: 80,850
  • Pavilion 3; Square Feet: 72,657
  • Pavilion 4; Square Feet: 87,596
  • Exhibit Hall; Square Feet: 11,500
  • Multi-Purpose Arena; Square Feet: 36,500
  • Lincoln Room; Square Feet: 17,200

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Floor Plan

Past EventCurrent EventUpcoming Event

Event Name City State Atendance Exhibitors Date
Nebraska Boat, Sport and Travel Show 2020 Lincoln Nebraska - - Jan 31, 2020
Event Name City State Atendance Exhibitors Date


Press Releases

May 10, 2016

State Beterinarian Releases Quarantine at Fonner Park in Grand Island


State Beterinarian Releases Quarantine at Fonner Park in Grand Island

Lincoln, NE (May 10, 2016) State Veterinarian Dr. Dennis Hughes has released the quarantine issued for Fonner Park in Grand Island after three confirmed cases of Equine Herpes Myeloencephalopathy (EHM) were detected there last month.

“The horses at Fonner Parker were quarantined for 21 days where they were monitored closely. During that time, no further cases were confirmed so the quarantine has been lifted,” said Dr. Hughes. “We continue to ask horse owners and facility managers to take precautions to prevent the spread of the disease by remaining vigilant and following strict biosecurity measures.”

EHM is the neurological form of Equine Herpes Virus (EHV-1) and cases of the disease have been confirmed in several locations around the country this year.

The disease is spread through direct or indirect contact with infected horses, so Dr. Hughes encourages operators of horse shows and exhibitions to review their biosecurity plans and minimize the opportunity for horses to have direct or indirect contact with each other. Indirect contact includes the use of shared water and feed sources, as well as the use of shared equipment. In addition, Dr. Hughes said he recommends horse owners planning to travel to shows and exhibitions contact the venue prior to transporting their horses to inquire about entrance requirements for the event.

Biosecurity measures horse owners should take at their own operations include requiring individuals to wash their hands before and after contact with each horse, disinfecting boots and changing clothes that come into contact with horses other than their own.


Contact: Christin Kamm (402) 471-6856

Apr 13, 2015

December 6, 2015 2nd Largest Indoor Farm Show In U.S.


December 6, 2015 2nd Largest Indoor Farm Show In U.S.

Lincoln, NE (April 13, 2015)  Come let the good times grow at the 2015 Nebraska Power Farming Show, running Tuesday, December 8 through Thursday, December 10. This will be the 9th year at the Lancaster Event Center where the event has grown from 194 exhibitors to 2,284 booths (60 NEW exhibitors this year) and OVER 80 companies on a waiting list to get in. The current show is filled to the brim with 5 pavilions or 9.2 acres (400,000 sq. ft.) of indoor displays. During the three days of ag–related products and services, there are over 25,000 attendees expected.

Due to limited space, show management focuses on having only ag-related displays and seeks out top quality exhibitors. “This year we wanted to look at the latest ag technology. Many of the innovations in ag equipment come from farmers. Farmers and ranchers don’t want to come to a show to look at literature. They want to kick tires!” says Tom Junge, Show Director. So in addition to all the equipment, you’ll see Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and 360 Yield Center demonstrating production of its 360 CHAINROLL prototype using a 3D printer.

The timing of the Nebraska Power Farming Show makes it popular because farmers and ranchers come from across the region to take advantage of enticing year-end buying specials, and exhibiting companies are looking to sell. Show hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday and Wednesday, and 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Thursday. Admission and parking are FREE.

And those ~25,000 attendees and over 2,200 exhibitors will get to experience the newly renovated Lancaster Event Center when they first arrive with the three-rail white fencing so they feel like they are just driving onto their neighbor’s ranch. They will be surprised inside with directional signage to get where they want to be, improved wi-fi service, digital screens to see what’s happening and where, and new lighting and flooring in many pavilions. In addition, all the main cafes have been renovated including the Clover Café, Horseshoe Café, and Good Times Grill, with added comfortable seating

Visitors will also find unique foods offered each year only for the Nebraska Power Farm Show including three Austin Blues BBQ stands, and a new home-style Farmer’s Buffet with two meat choices and hot sides changing daily, and a salad and soup bar. The entire Lancaster Event Center crew will be getting the grills out to serve their famous Farm Show Steak Sandwich or homemade Beef Brisket with their Signature Sauce.

The $3.5 million in renovations at Lancaster Event Center during the last three years have been funded by recent bond refinancing that saved county tax payers more than $700,000 over the remaining life of the bond. Additional funding was provided by the Lancaster County Visitors Improvement Fund lodging tax grant, given to create and improve visitor attractions for Lancaster County.

“We are very excited to unveil our latest round of renovations to all our visitors coming from all over the country for our biggest show of the year. We are proud to run this leading regional event facility to attract more people each year to benefit our local economy,” said Lancaster Event Center Managing Director, Amy Dickerson.


Apr 29, 2014

Equine Biosecurity Update

LEC Equine Biosecurity Actions

The Lancaster Event Center has decided to conduct before Friday morning a thorough disinfection of all buildings where horses have been present in April (most of our buildings totaling over 300,000 square feet) including: Pavilions 1, 2, & 3; Amy’s Arena and the Multi-purpose Arena. We are using the highly recommended, natural, safe & effective disinfectant used in many horse facilities, called Nixall, you can find more information at Attached are photos of our disinfection in progress as we speak.
In addition to spraying all group areas (aisles, arenas, walkways, doorways) and making stall disinfecting spray available to horse owners as we did in early April when this recent outbreak was first reported, we are now disinfecting EVERY stall top to bottom (floor, walls, bars). We are exploring if we can get the heat on in the buildings with dirt floors to help get it nice and dry as well as it is true the virus can persist in dirt up to 35 days if in a cool & wet environment. 

Upon arrival, horse owners will find that the LEC is continuing to offer ready-to-spray Nixall in convenient spray bottles and cleaning kits (bucket, gloves, rags) for sale at a reasonable price which we can deliver along with shavings.

LEC Upcoming Horse Shows

We have asked three small horse events scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday of this week totaling around 100 horses to postpone to any time after Friday just so we could have the facility clear to do a
thorough disinfecting. We appreciate the support from the 4-H Level Testing, the S Bar S Barrel Club and UNL Rodeo Club on this request. All future horse shows on the LEC schedule are still planned to be held starting with the Pinto Show / 4-H Lucky Lopers and the Blue Valley Quarter Horse Shows this weekend starting Friday, May 2nd.

What Horse Owners Can Do

We encourage horse owners to keep vigilant on your own horse’s health as they travel (working with your own vet on vaccinations, monitoring temperature, etc.) and stay informed about the EHV1 virus. The Nebraska State Vet has just recently updated their site with many helpful documents for your information: 

Please contact your horse promoter if you have further questions and we encourage horse promoters to contact us at the LEC or the Nebraska State Vet with any further questions.
Statement from Nixall: Only EPA disinfectant that will kill all the CDC Super bugs that is Non-Toxic to animals and humans! The US Marines and the University of Oregon have shown that the active ingredient in Nixall is 100 times more effective that bleach. See for more information.


This Lancaster Event Center Memo is for informational purposes only. The document information was drawn from a variety of reputable sources and attention to detail was taken in preparation, however, the Lancaster County Agricultural Society and the Lancaster Event Center offer no guaranty of completeness or effectiveness of the recommendations and protocols for achieving infection control at equine events.



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