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Are you overwhelmed with problems, data and information? Is decision-making getting harder rather than easier? 

If so, we need to talk! 

 What I do 

I provide executive consulting, speaking, and leadership development to executives and leaders around the world. Whether it is clarifying your strategic priorities, creating outcome-based goals and accountability, lifting organizational performance or using data and analytics more effectively, I'll help you break your assumptions and see your business in an entirely new way.

I'll help you cut through the noise of your business. I’ll show you how to become laser focused on the issues and decisions that matter most to your success. I’ll make you more mindful in your decision-making and actions without sacrificing speed or agility.

Who do I work with?

I work with business leaders of large to mid-sized companies.  I’ve also served large non-profit organizations and local government executive teams. I’ve helped leaders in nearly every major industry across many cultures and nationalities.

 Why work with me? 

I posses a unique combination of critical thinking, business acumen and a clear understanding of the way leaders think and process information. My 20 + year experience innovating ways of re-framing challenging issues in different industries, has enabled me to help leaders simplify their data and decision-making. 

My areas of focus provide a holistic leadersihp framework to help turn your goals into success!


My Background

Over the last 20 years, I have focused on one thing – bringing clarity, simplicity and resolution to complex issues.

I have a well-honed ability to frame and clarify the problems that you face.  I will help you identify and change the assumptions that are holding you back.

My deep expertise in business, psychology, process improvement, human capital and technology not just helps clients find solutions;  it fundamentally changes the way they think about and approach their work.

I hold a BA in Economics and a MA in Communication from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. In addition, I hold a MS in Computer Science from Northwestern University

Prior to founding Avail Advisors, I served as the Director of Learning and Performance Strategy for Accenture and as the Chief Learning Officer for The University of Chicago Medical center.  I currently serve on the Advisory Board for the Department of Communication at the University of Illinois.

My speaking and consulting experience span various industries including healthcare, financial services, government, consumer products, and professional services. My cilents are leaders ranging from front-line managers all the way to C-Suite Executives.

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My expertise is in helping leaders create clarity, simplicity, and focus in their data, decisions, and communication.

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