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Meet America's Customer Service "Go-To Guy!"

Cary Offers 35+ Years in Customer Service, Has Spoken to 2,000 + Groups, and Has Authored 8 Books in the Area of Customer Service.

Website: www.carycavitt.com

His Customer Service Keynotes and Seminars Include:

Administation Customer Service Training

Call Center Customer Service Training

Corporate Customer Service Training

Dealership Customer Service Training

Dentistry Customer Service Training

Education Customer Service Training

Finance Customer Service Training

Golf Club Customer Service Training

Government Customer Service Training

Healthcare Customer Service Training

Hospitality Customer Service Training

Insurance Customer Service Training

Law Firms Customer Service Training

Leadership Customer Service Training

Library Customer Service Training

Management Customer Service Training

Manufacturer Customer Service Training

Municipality Customer Service Training

Nonprofit Customer Service Training

Park District Customer Service Training

Real Estate Customer Service Training

Recreation Customer Service Training

Restaurant Customer Service Training

Retail Customer Service Training

Transportation Customer Service Training

My Background

Since 1975 Cary has personally served over 100,000 customers. During these years he has observed and learned what truly brings customers back.
Cary’s zeal to find out what customers want has been his driving passion in building a successful career as a PGA Golf Professional. After receiving a B.A. at the University of Michigan and an M.A. at Eastern Michigan University, Cary then went on to receive his PGA Membership and become an award-winning Head Golf Professional at various clubs in the Midwest before founding Service Starts With a Smile Seminars.

Cary's expertise is in the area of customer service. Having authored eight books, Cary has an experienced understanding of how to win the customer and exceed his or her expectations.

As founder of Service Starts with a Smile Seminars, Cary travels throughout the United States speaking to various organizations on the key to winning more customers.


"The service training was amazing."

- Microsoft


"You are refreshing and your message is awesome!"

- The Library of Congress


"The best public speaker I have ever listened to." 

- PGA of America


"So many of the staff has commented to us on how much they loved you and how useful it was to have you come!"

- UTMB Health


“I have received nothing but positive feedback from the group and we are excited to start implementing some of the strategies you gave us today." 

- Sam Houston State University


“Thank you for being part of our National Meeting! – You were dynamic, impactful, and unforgettable!" 

- Ideal Image


"Every peer, member, and friend has asked me about the best thing I saw or experienced at the 2018 PGA Show and without a doubt it was your presentation."  

- Marvin G. / PGA Professional


"Cary was dynamic, captivating, and humorous. He put laughter and learning together to create a great ‘nuts and bolts’ picture of customer service."

- Palatine Public Library


"Had people come to my office to thank me for the best thing we have ever done at Gane." 

- Gane Brothers


"I can't tell you how much we enjoyed your message and energy you brought to the meeting. Powerful stuff!”

- CPL Labs


“I highly recommend Cary for working with small or large groups in any industry as great customer service is always an asset. We absolutely will have him return in the future!"

- Alliance Cancer Specialist


"Many staff members provided positive feedback on the organization and timeliness of Mr. Cavitt as well as his inspirational spirit. This will leave a lasting impression on all staff for some time to come".

- Medical Associates Plus


"Thank you for a very enlightening, motivating and thought provoking presentation today. In addition, your presentation was entertaining, meaningful, interactive and done in a way that each person in the audience could relate to, both on a professional and personal level.”

- Rewarding Environments for Adult Living, Inc.


"Great job yesterday. Your presentation inspired quite a bit of conversation about what our office is doing right and wrong. Thanks again."

- Lavelle Law


"Cary is a master at understanding and teaching service excellence. He has a unique ability to relate to and help all sorts of organizations truly improve their attitude towards client service."
- Golf Nation


"Thank you so much!  We had an exceptional day and the staff told me it was the best experience they have ever had with our department.  I will certainly be contacting you again."
- UTMB – Galveston

"I have had multiple positive comments and compliments about the seminar!  Thank you for the positive spin on customer service!"

- BCI / Buckeye Division


“Thank you again for yesterday! We have received some outstanding feedback already, and certainly hope to work with you again in the future.”
- Pier 39 San Francisco


“I would like to extend a sincere THANK YOU for your seminars as they were a breath of fresh air to our company. Many of my associates have commented how your message touched them and the changes embraced towards their daily lives. Again, thank you so much!"
- Industrial Metal Supply Company


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Chicago, Illinois


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Known as "America's Customer Service Go-To Guy", Cary has authored eight books in the area of customer service. With over 35 years in the service industry, Cary has spoken in front of over 2,000 groups and teaches audiences how to consistently deliver a 5-star customer service experience.

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