What I Like to talk About

Let's engage the minds AND hearts of your group.

Here's how your group will benefit from my 3-step approach:

  1. Hold a conversation - I talk WITH your folks, rather than AT them. And I don't shy away from the tough topics on everyone's minds.
  2. Reframe their perspective - It helps to know that work/life issues and adjusting to change are universal challenges. Accepting change with resilience is rewarding … no matter who you are.
  3. Help them be ready to take action - Each of us has choices and personal accountability. I inspire and encourage all individuals to take action, live their lives, and find meaning in their work.

I can tackle your business's toughest messages with a no-nonsense, "hard truth" approach. Connect with me to address your "all-hands-on-deck" employee meetings, facilitate intense senior management retreats, and provide executive coaching. I have also developed a methodology for helping individuals create a resilient life in an unbalanced, chaotic world.

Together, we can make a difference in people's lives.

Please contact me. Let's discuss how I can connect with YOU and/or YOUR group and create lasting results.
P.S. For added value, I will be your creative partner in meeting design. Many clients have consulted with me about the agenda, design and flow of the meeting as well as suggestions on other speakers and workshop leaders. Just love the creative flair of music, words, and what magic we can create.

My Background

What you see is what you get. Authenticity and humanity abound on and off the platform. People resonate with Eileen for that very reason. People sense she respects and cares about their success and well-being. And she does. Deeply.

Eileen gets results because she GETS the audience. Customization is her middle name. She'll live in your world as much as you let her. Whether in the trenches or in the Board Room, she knows how to meet people exactly where they are. Her one-of-a-kind executive retreats have been called "magical" because of the results they produce.

She's down-to-earth and a masterful storyteller. Fun and funny with a way of creating memorable learning points. Years later, audience members tell her what they remember and how they used the ideas.  Read Eileen’s Interview with the Legacy Project in South Africa.

School is never out. Eileen is constantly researching, reading, writing and developing her knowledge in leadership, resiliency, women, and work/life integration. Programs constantly grow and change as new information is added.


“Eileen, it was our pleasure to have you in NH!! I loved your remarks, it was one of the highlights of the conference. NO RED ANTS, #6, and REFRAME!! YES!!” Paul J. Parisi, #133, Chief of Department/Emergency Management Director, Town of Salem Fire Department “It was lovely to meet you and I enjoyed our time together! All of the feedback I got was very positive. I especially am appreciative that you attended the whole conference and participated in order to better understand your audience. It showed in the way you incorporated the messages that were woven throughout the breakout sessions into your program. It was a thoughtful and purposeful way to engage our members in a way that connected them to you and your message! Very powerful! Best wishes and I hope our paths cross again!” Trish Temperino, Assistant Superintendent, SAU #2 Ashland School District, Inter-Lakes School District “Eileen is absolutely amazing! She was a speaker at the National Business Aircraft Association Leadership Conference this week in San Diego.  Eileen spent time with our group and was able to tie into her presentation personal stories and information from the other speakers.   Being able to celebrate her mother's service to our country was inspiring to all. We laughed with Eileen, we cried with Eileen and all 450 people gave this awesome woman a well-deserved standing ovation!  Thank you, Eileen, for adding such passion to our conference.  WE LOVE YOU!” Julie Goodridge, National Sales Manager, Jet Professionals LLC “We had the pleasure of having Eileen McDargh present “Cultivating Radical Resiliency: Leadership Skills for Changing Times” to our healthcare leaders. It’s rare to find someone with her amazing energy, engaging presentation skills and highly relevant content. From the first interaction to the end of the day, Eileen worked closely with us to provide just the right content, customized to the needs of our leaders, and delivered in a way that was engaging, humorous and highly applicable.” Andria K. Taylor, M.Ed., St. Joseph Health, Sonoma “Eileen is a consummate professional, full of energy, and a pleasure to work with. She spent almost a full day with the group before she ever spoke and interacted with a number of different attendees during that time. Her willingness to get to know the organization and her interest in doing so is the exception not the rule. Her customization of the presentation to the group truly made the difference and made her message that more impactful! If resiliency is your topic, Eileen is the one to deliver it!” Tracy Newell, CMP, CMM, President, MeetingWise, LLC & Association of California Community Colleges Meeting Planer “Whenever I worked with Eileen, she loved my clients like a baby. She held them... She fed them... She looked into their eyes and communicated so clearly & caringly. Eileen embraced every single project as if nothing else mattered on this planet other than the success of my clients program. Her enthusiasm, spirit and devotion rippled through the ballrooms. Her smile, her sparkle, her gift for listening and responding so articulately made her the bar that I compare all others to. With Eileen, I always knew my program would be stellar and memorable. We are all so fortunate to have the likes of Eileen McDargh in our wonderful meetings industry.” Tom Smith



Dana Point, California


$10,000 +


Eileen is a resiliency expert who fully understands your group's challenges-someone who stimulates new ideas and truly catalyzes personal accountability and a readiness for action. Her programs are provocative yet playful, profound yet personal and passionate yet pragmatic.

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