What I Like to talk About

1.  How to proactively navigate times of major life changes and transition by aligning core values with personal and professional goals in life

2.  Develop strategies and skills to alleviate stress, achieve health and wellness while successfully attaining goals.

3.  An understanding of how to influence your brain and thoughts to impact behavior resulting in achieving the life you want

4.  Develop clear goals of what you want in life and have ability to reframe your mindset from the inside out to BreakThrough Your Way™.  

You will build your compelling future!

We will use tools and techniques perfected within Integrative Wellness & Life Coaching and NLP to resolve issues, remove negative strategies and take you to the next level!

My Background

It's About Time!

I developed BreakThrough Your Way™ out of a personal need to be the ME of my highest potential. And now, having found a formula that works, my greatest desire is to help you discover that potential in You.  

The need to break through MY way came when I was deep in the corporate world. At this time, I was founder and CEO for my bank recruiting firm of 10 years.  But the landscape was changing and the job I had done (assisting in job placement for 10 years prior) was now very different.  The expectations of service changed, the attitude of both the client and the candidate altered and in struggling to adjust to this new temperament, I found myself feverishly trying to understand why I was so apprehensive to conform.  Simply put, I wasn’t having fun anymore and realized it was time for me to let go and move on.

Moving on was a hard decision to even contemplate – much less act on – because my job provided the financial security for both my husband and I to maintain our current lifestyle.  But it was time.  I took the responsibility and made the choice to reinvent myself and help others who were facing the same situation I had faced in making my life changing decision.  I shut down my recruiting company and decided to reinvent myself at age 68. 

And what I found on the other end of this decision was life changing.

My approach to coaching:  I don’t tell you what or how to make changes. Rather, I listen to your needs and wants. We then evaluate those interests and together develop the paradigm shift to your success.

You are resourceful and creative—you don’t need to be fixed. As your coach, I work with you to close the gap that lies between where you are now and where you want to be.

I am dedicated to growth and personal development. I have a bachelor’s degree in communication from Texas A&M University, a Master certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) – yes, I walked on hot coals - and a Certification in Integrative Wellness and Life Coaching. Plus my name is well known in the “School of Hard Knocks.”


I am very excited to have the opportunity to write about Elizabeth and share my experiences with her as a very effective Life Coach.   She has been an encouraging friend and confidant through extremely difficult and stressful times in my life.   Elizabeth is a great listener. She has a levelheaded, soft-handed style in presenting suggestions, not necessarily to solve a problem but to open my mind to a realm of possibilities on how to view and address it.  She has an energy that is contagious and makes you feel you can accomplish your goals with grace, harmony and balance with her as your coach!!  Cindy H.

“In her book, REINVENT, Elizabeth Rentz begins with her own story, told delightfully as if you are sitting down to tea with someone you’ve known all your life.  She shares how she confronts her unhappiness, and solves her life’s great desire, to live intentionally and authentically.   She begins with the realization that she “owns” her own story; that it is now her choice to embrace the life she wants for herself.  We feel her courage as she turns from what is easy and predictable to the vulnerability of risking herself to love her life, herself, her husband and others; to rid herself of the overarching negative story lines of her life.  How this is accomplished in the book is through the wealth of information given in clear, practical, understandable truth about everything from quantum physics to the nature of man.  Read the book – it will give you joy; take the book to heart- it will change your life.”

Susan McDougal, author of “The Woman Who Wouldn’t Talk,”
New York Times Best Seller List


Richardson, Texas




“Success is driven by actions, motivations and strategies applied to our daily lives. Counterproductive methods relating to “staying in our comfort zone” or “procrastination” come with enormous stress and have a negative impact on personal or professional growth. The realization of reaching your full potential comes from creating new and innovative strategies resulting in healthier growth and unlimited success.”

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