What I Like to talk About

Motivating trust-based marketing keynotes & breakouts that build businesses, careers and lives of joy on & off-line

  • Shortcut to Brand How to build brand without budget.
  • 30-Second Marketing Our most popular program.
  • The Trust Goldmine Based on his forthcoming book.
  • Secrets of a Networking Ninja How to build your business one contact at a time.
  • Endless Referrals Includes signature story “String of Pearls”
  • How to Turn Contacts Into Contracts step-by-step, from introduction to sales close.

30-Second Marketing Go from stranger to Trusted Advisor in 30 seconds or less. This is the secret to answering the question,
"What do you do?" It replaces that tired "elevator pitch" when you have to say and do the right thing just to continue the conversation. You will know instantly whether or not they are interested. Based
on the latest behavioral psychology findings. Our most popular program. Interactive. Available as Keynote, Breakout or Workshop.

Shortcut to Brand No matter where you are in the ongoing saga of your life or business the single most important reason for long-term success is Brand. The way I see it: Brand is an expression of Trust. This presentation gives you the knowledge you need to get to trust. and your brand. Delivered as a keynote, breakout or workshop.

The Trust Equation is forty years of business development experience distilled into a single equation for success.This strategic marketing formula has been applied successfully for public sector operations,established consultants business start-ups, repositioning
organizations of all types, high-tech launches, software developer
sales increases as well as new product and service introductions

My Background

Jerry Fletcher is the Founder & CEO of Z-axis Marketing, Inc. a
Professional Member of NSA since 1993, a Certified Professional
Consultant, author of three books and seven audio programs.

He is an expert at business development who

  • Raised over $500,000 for a start-up in just 17 days,
  • Increased the first quarter sales of a consulting firm by over $1.2 Million with a single suggestion,
  • Increased a power software company’s sales by 400% in 18 months 
  • Doubled the income of a management consultant in 6 months.
  • Helped introduce over 207 new products successfully.
  • Personally crafted unique trust-based brands for  137 consultants when he stopped counting

This cutting edge strategist provides an immediate competitive edge. His presentations are guaranteed to be well received and generate results.

No ifs, ands or buts.


"You walk the talk, exemplifying the essence of transparency and trust, a truth-sayer, speaking in a world sorely in need of more people like you."
Nancy Harkrider, Director, KDi Americas

Jerry Fletcher presented to the ICF Oregon Charter Chapter “Lunch & Learn” video conference. He was the consummate professional going above and beyond expectations by providing a promotional video.
Tammi Wheeler, At large Director for ICF, OR

"Jerry taught me and my team that in marketing, networking and speaking the shortcut to trust is a personal touch."
Manoj Garg, Founder Virtual Information Executives.

 "He came aboard when we were still in the garage. He was our first marketing consultant and taught us networking. He named the company and helped us raise the cash we needed."
Geoff Rhoades, Founder Digimarc

"He has helped me with marketing and speaking. I doubled my revenue year over year since I became the business defogger and accelerator as he suggested." 
Jim Grew, Management Consultant, Founder The Grew Company


Portland, Oregon


$7,000 - 10,000


Crafting unique trust-based consultant marketing and brands that build businesses, careers and lives of joy!

Available to Verified Event Organizers Only

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